When Grace, who is seven, started the Burt Reading Scheme she was struggling at school in her literacy. She lacked confidence, was easily distracted and quite frustrated. She has now been on the scheme for ten months and is making encouraging progress at school. Her concentration levels have also improved. She enjoys her ten minute daily sessions at home. She loves the word searches and spelling tests. This has given her a much needed confidence boost. She will now have a go at reading some of her own books something that she was very reluctant to do not so long ago. I find the instructions easy to follow and although I am not a teacher I am easily able to tutor Grace effectively.

(Anita Woodburn, Scarborough, North Yorkshire)


Georgia (10) has been at an independent school for several years and seems to have lost confidence in her ability to read. She says that all the other children read better than her. Her teacher placed her in the lowest reading set and this further damaged Georgia’s confidence. Georgia feels that she cannot do science, history or geography because of her poor reading skills. Georgia has now been on the Burt Reading Scheme for only 2 weeks but I can already see a marked improvement in her reading. She now seems to be able to look at a longer word and use techniques to decode them. Her selfconfidence is already growing by leaps and bounds. I find it easy to work with Georgia for 10 minutes a day as the instructions on each page of the scheme are very clear. Georgia and I enjoy these tutoring times together.

Mrs S. James, Scalby.


David (11) has always been a weak reader. He so much wants to read the same adventure action books as his mates do but he struggles so much. His spelling skills were abysmal and week by week he was getting only 6 or 7 out of 20 in the weekly spelling tests. Coreen Burt came to tutor him several months ago and within a few weeks his spelling had improved tremendously. He was so proud of himself. For the first time he realised that he could break a word up and sound it out to himself and then write it down. His reading has improved to the point where he is now able to read his favourite books meaningfully to himself. I am able to continue the tutoring on a daily basis and find this very easy to do following the instructions on each page. I can recommend the scheme to any parent whose child is struggling with reading.

Katy M. (Eastfield, Yorkshire)

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