I've tried several worksheets of the Burt Reading Scheme with a Grade 2 learner. She moved here (to South Africa) from the Congo a few years ago and has adopted English as her language of tuition. She LOVED the work! We focussed on the last few worksheets (consonant blends) and completed the comprehension stories on the pug and the funny bunny. The tasks are short and to the point - which is wonderful for the age group. It kept her interested and enhanced her vocabulary. My kids enjoy word searches - so that was a complete bonus.


I'll start with this year's Grade 1 learners (who are struggling) next week and will try out the CVC worksheets then.


The format works and the tasks give the children the opportunity to experience success.

Juffer, Cape Town South Africa


I have used many of Coreen Burt’s “Language across the Curriculum” themes with my classes over the years. I recently used the Australia theme and we expanded the theme even further and had an Australian day with Australian type food. My class loved it. The children worked through the theme enthusiastically and learnt so much whilst doing their literacy. I am looking forward to what Coreen comes up with for the 2012 London Olympics. I’ll be looking out for that and using it with my class.

Jenna Mare, Durban, South Africa


Excellent Coreen, Absolutely brilliant! These resource materials are fantastic. I can’t wait to use them with my pupils. Having used so many of your themes with my one to one pupils, I can vouch for how much the pupils enjoy them.

Caroline: Thurrock, Essex.


Well done for updating some of your Edubooks material to such a high standard. I am looking forward to being able to replace my tatty, worn 24 year old copies with fresh updated versions. Over the past 2 decades all my classes have benefited from the step by step approach you use in language and maths. I am really looking forward to using your new themes and especially the 2012 Olympics theme next year.

Laetitia Oelofse, Johannesburg, South Africa


I have been using Coreen’s themes for quite some time now with my one to one pupils in our pupil referral unit and they really get engaged with the work and enjoy it. Each lesson they actually ask if we are going to continue with the theme we started the previous lesson. My pupils have particularly enjoyed the Australia theme and the one on football. What I like about them is that after completing a number of themes you know that the pupils have covered many basics needed in literacy such as punctuation, plurals, tenses, vocabulary building and so on. But it all happens so seamlessly that the pupils just think they are having a fun time. excellent.

Samantha G. Leeds.

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