In 1987, Coreen Burt launched EDUBOOKS
PUBLISHING in South Africa. This was as the
result of one of her colleagues, Jane Smith,
saying to her: “I love the worksheets that you
do for your class. I think other teachers would
love them too.”


Over 150 photocopiable teacher resource books
were published ranging from Year (Grade) 1 to
secondary school in numeracy, literacy and
humanities. Many of these books are still being
photocopied and used in classrooms more than
20 years later.


In 2001, Coreen moved to the UK and began
teaching in a secondary school near London.
The love of creating resource material now found
a new outlet using Microsoft Word. With newfound skills, Coreen began writing material for some of her classes who needed a little more than a textbook to enthuse and motivate them. She discovered that there were many pupils whose poor handwriting and poor reading skills demotivated them to the extent that they became disinterested in their lessons. Creating inspiring worksheets where they had to tick boxes or underline a word rather than write long sentences began to motivate these pupils again. They loved the worksheets and the lessons that accompanied them. They loved the fact that their workbooks looked so neat after years of messy books that they hated.


For most of her teaching career Coreen has taught pupils who were dyslexic, or had other educational problems. She has taught basic skills to older teenagers creating worksheets to keep them motivated. She has taught in a pupil referral unit and been lead teacher in a unit for disaffected pupils.


After school hours Coreen found herself tutoring dyslexic children and so she starting writing what first started out as worksheets and eventually developed into a series of modules complete with assessment tests. These modules were based on wall charts and worksheets devised for pupils in 1981 (click here for more info). She realised that an hourly session once weekly with these pupils was not going to gain the progress that they desperately needed. Giving precise instruction to their parents Coreen created a system whereby parents could continue the tutoring on a daily basis for just 10-20 minutes. Her pupils began to progress at an amazing rate. Both pupils and parents were delighted with the results.


Coreen then located many of the books she had written 20 years previously and refined and updated them for today’s pupils and is today creating new themes e.g. 2012 Olympics.


In launching BURT BOOKS, Coreen and her husband Tim aim to provide a variety of resource material for teachers, parents, youth leaders and adults.


Our motto is “Books that change lives.”


Changing lives by:

• Giving teachers time

• Giving children skills

• Giving parents hope

• Giving people inspiration


What changes can we help you to make in your life?

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